iO Hang #1: show notes

Listening back, I was quite surprised by how much ground we covered in this, the first edition of iO Hangs. I want to express my thanks to the members of the Telegram group who made it so enjoyable and interesting!

Here are a couple of comments on and expansions of the main themes:

Roberto Bolano’s 2666

Certainly my favourite Bolano, and probably one of my favourite novels of all if I’m honest.

Blake Butler’s essay on Bolano (which, more specifically, is a review of Woes of the True Policeman) is here:

This is the paragraph I read out, and which I still think about very often. So, thanks Blake:

Web 1, web 2, web 3… web ∞

Lucas dropped this useful diagram into the Telegram group chat:

And there followed a slew of great links:



And before I forget:


KlimaDAO came up, and I wish that I had been able to say more about it! DYOR peeps:

The end of ethereum?

‘What happens when eth becomes obsolete?’ asked [cloud emoji]. This made me think of David Rudnick’s Exodus 2:

And y’know what, it seems appropriate to end there. Laters!

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